Season 2 Episode 4: Rescue Mission (Earth)

Tue. September 10, 2013

Alan, Johnny, Alice, Clint and Karat allow their past to catch up with them when Jack’s request sends them deep into Nohaine territory.

2 Responses to “Season 2 Episode 4: Rescue Mission (Earth)”

  1. marcelum Says:

    hey, I love you’re show and have been working my way through the thunderstrike shabam. I’m really digging this new series in this unknown universe… am intrigued.
    I would like to request if yo could compress you’re download mp3’s a little more as I am on a pay as you go dongle and some of you’re downloads rack up to 200mb’s. I don’t know 96kbs or something like that. Thanks

  2. Enhamre Says:

    Hey, I love your show, but please, please for the love of god – stop eating!! Some of you sound disgusting!!