Thursday Knights at San Diego Comic-Con

Tue. July 16, 2013

The Thursday Knights will be hosting the Open Gaming room at San Diego Comic-Con 2013! We’ll be sitting down to play a variety of tabletop RPGs with fans and strangers alike. And of course, we’ll have our cameras rolling the entire time.

We will attempt to do a time-delayed stream of our activities on our Twitch channel (follow our channel!), but this will be dependent on getting a stable cellular connection at the convention. In any case, we will record the whole shindig and post it to YouTube later.

If you are attending SDCC yourself, please stop by our table in Mezzanine Room 15A to say hi, and consider sitting down for one of our games!

Below you can find our full show schedule. This outlines the activities we’ll be doing during show hours, but since the gaming room is open late we will likely hang around to do other things as well. There are rumors of Dan running a “midnight meat grinder” in the Edge of the Empire system.

Thursday July 18

10am: Fiasco

Often irreverent, always loads of fun. Come play Fiasco with the Thursday Knights!

1pm: Dungeon World: Death by Audience

Inspired by Whose Line is it Anyway, this game of Dungeon World will have its hazards and perils drawn from the suggestions of the audience.

3pm: Eric Teaches Burning Wheel

Come sit down with Eric as he teaches the table how to play Burning Wheel and runs a session. We were disappointed we never got to play Burning Wheel in our system tour, and this is us making up for it!

Friday July 19

10am: Fiasco

What better way to start Day 2 of SDCC than playing a game of Fiasco?

1pm: D&D 4e Dungeon Delve by Lincoln

Lincoln has designed a D&D 4e delve specifically for Comic-Con, to honor the system our show spent its first 3 years playing.

4pm: The Story of Alice Crayton, in Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

We’re giving guest players the chance to put a permanent mark on the backstory of our current long term campaign! Come play Star Wars: Edge of the Empire with us, reskinned to a modern setting.

Saturday July 20

10am: The Story of “Clint Howard”, in Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Eric is running this session, filling in some of the backstory of one of the main characters of our current campaign. We’ll be playing Star Wars: Edge of the Empire reskinned in a modern setting.

1pm: Dread: Death by Audience

Survival horror where the audience’s suggestions supply the horror.

4pm: Just a Regular Episode of Thursday Knights

The Thursday Knights tell a story, and people watch. It’s kind of our thing.

Sunday July 21

10am: Atomic Robo RPG run by Mike Olson, the Designer

Mike Olson, designer of the Fate roleplaying system, will be sitting down at the Thursday Knights table to run a game of the not-yet-release Atomic Robo tabletop roleplaying game!

1pm: Mouths Full with the Thursday Knights

A fancy name for “lunch”. This is the chance for any of our fans to sit down with the whole gang and chat with us outside of a game.

2pm: Dungeon World: Death by Audience

Our final game of SDCC will be an encore of Death by Audience: the audience provides the challenges, and the players die to them (probably).

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