Episode 80: Meet the Artifact Recovery Squad

Fri. September 2, 2011

First-time guest DM Lincoln takes charge and leads a group of adventurers into the mysterious Purple Desert in search of untold riches and glory. But when things go from puzzling to deadly, what will become of a lecherous eladrin, a pickled dwarf, a dark paladin dragonborn, and a dwarf with his eye on the prize?

4 Responses to “Episode 80: Meet the Artifact Recovery Squad”

  1. David Gibb Says:


    I have listened to approximately 83 episodes of TK, and I was wondering if you still had this delve around or at least the eight queens puzzle around. I am not very good with setting up chess puzzles, so if you had it available, I would love to use it in an upcoming session!


  2. Lincoln Says:

    Sure thing! Here is a link to the puzzle logistics in wikipedia…


    I just made up flavor to fit the situation. If you want to talk more about any of the other encounters feel free to shoot me a PM in the forums!

  3. Lincoln Says:

    Also, here is a great thread I stumbled upon a while ago that has some great encounter ideas…

  4. David Gibb Says:

    Thanks so much. This will help in my game. I might get in touch with you if I have more questions.