Episode 77: All that is Left

Fri. August 5, 2011

As our heroes struggle to resist the unending onslaught of enemies aboard Thunderstrike they realize that Stoyla’s new defense systems are more useful than they first appeared. But is it too little, too late?

One Response to “Episode 77: All that is Left”

  1. Steven Laskoske Says:

    An interesting issue with the ring. First, it should be noted that its power is a daily power. In essence, its power allows the character to blend in with the environment which is why the character doesn’t need cover or concealment. However, there are things that can defeat stealth from it. You could move through the character’s area. If that happens, the character has to either pass up the attack of opportunity or reveal himself. The opposite also works. Step away from the character and attack his cohorts instead. This would force the character to move and, since this would take the character out of hiding, deny him the benefits of being hidden during his attack (unless it is the attack that incorporates the move). Stealth checks are powerful (which is why they have been changed with every rules revision). However, they are not as strong as invisibility even with the chameleon ring. The trick is to force the character to break cover and realize that breaking cover might mean losing the benefit before the attack.