Episode 45: The Dark Way Forward

Sun. February 13, 2011

Episode 45 of the Thursday Knights Actual Play podcast is now available!

Having finally escaped from the past, our heroes find themselves with no time to spare. Deep Imaskar awaits.

One Response to “Episode 45: The Dark Way Forward”

  1. bits Says:

    Holy Crap! Where has this podcast been?? I’ve been listening feverishly since Episode 1! I find the characters completely immersive. I sometimes love them and sometimes hate them. I’ve listened to other live play table top podcasts, but there’s a lot of background noise and good-natured joshing around, but that stuff doesn’t help tell a STORY. You guys, on the other hand, have created a wonderful serialized adventure yarn that should be turned into a graphic novel. It would be awesome. Thanks to you all, and to DM Greg for running a tight ship! 🙂