Episode 9: Adventure on the High Seas

Thu. April 1, 2010

Episode 9 of the Thursday Knights Actual Play podcast is now available!

This week, the PCs finish up their business in Skyclave and take to the seas!


For those of you that would like to skip to specific parts, here is a timeline of events.

  • 0:00.36 Lurd’s Mansion
  • 0:25.18 Visiting Skyclave’s Academy
  • 0:32.11 Speaking to Baydin’s Wife
  • 0:49.57 Discussing Where to Go
  • 1:05.49 Checking on the Potion Shop
  • 1:23.02 Procuring a Ship
  • 1:46.43 The Open Sea!
  • 1:57.50 A Pirate Tale
  • 2:15.53 Danger!

Session Materials

From time to time, we will include downloads of materials the DM prepared for the episode.

Encounter Review

Encounter Review: Kuo-Toa on the High Seas

Live Video Stream

We broadcast our episodes live as we play. We have two cameras in the stream, allowing viewers to see the tactical map in addition to the regular angle of the entire table.

For information on how to tune-in and see us live, become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

We may offer a download of the recorded video sometime in the future as well.

2 Responses to “Episode 9: Adventure on the High Seas”

  1. DXN Says:

    “No no no no no no no nooooooo no no no-no-no-no-noooo…”

    Haha. 😀 I’ve just found Thursday Knights, and it’s awesome. All the characters are great, including the NPCs, the adventure and GMing are superb… yeah! Really appreciate you guys putting it out there. 🙂

  2. James Callaway Says:

    I just recently found this podcast and have been listening through. I am a new DM and these sessions have been giving me inspiration on how to run my games. Y’all are a great group so that makes it even better. As a player I always hated the idea of combat at sea, just gets too confusing for me. And i agree with Calin that it totally sucks when you are not able to smack something in the face on your turn.