Cast of Characters


Dwarf Paladin
Played by Cailin
Character Sheet Arora

Quick description ✦ She's friendly, loyal, and brave but easily frustrated by failure.

Greatest strength ✦ Her dedication. She never gives up and sees things through to the end.

Biggest weakness ✦ Arora is too willing to see the best in people she likes, and has to have their flaws demonstrated to her.

Distinguishing feature ✦ Her large blue eyes. A Dwarven rarity.

Why an adventurer? ✦ To learn the secret of her mother's identity, now to serve Bahamut and become powerful enough to bring her mother's murderer to Justice.

Closest family/friends ✦ Arora has no known living relatives (aside from the Baron), and considers her friends the closest thing to family she has. She feels particularly close to Deomin (they've been through a lot together) and Keeper (who supported her in her darkest moments).

Greatest loyalty ✦ She is loyal to her own heart more so now than ever, and though this she feels a strong duty to Bahamut and his principles.

The future ✦ A year from now she'd like to be kicking the Baron's door down via a little forced "family reunion", but she knows it will take longer than that and hasn't really thought it much beyond that point.

Travel ✦ Arora would like to someday visit the great country of Cormyr.

Skills ✦ Arora is naturally very insightful, and developed her dungeoneering skills as a youth, one time getting hopelessly lost in the deeper regions of the rift for three days before managing to find her way out. As a result she never feels uncomfortable underground or in tight spaces.

Free time ✦ She likes to be among the people or with her friends, learning more about them and exploring human culture wherever they go.

Magical desires ✦ Arora already has her most prized magical item, her hammer blessed by Bahamut. There isn't much else magical that Arora desires.

Hanging out ✦ Arora likes good food, good drink, and good people. This usually means she'll be found at a bar, tavern, or the occasional Burlesque house.

Legacy ✦ The best Arora could ask for is to be remembered as a person who stood up for those unable to defend themselves, who served as an example and inspiration to anyone doubting the power of Justice and honor. She hopes that people will remember her for her kindness and her good spirit, that she made a difference in the lives of others.


Human Fighter
Played by Dan
Character Sheet

Greatest strength ✦ His strength.

The rest of Brandis's character bio is coming soon


"Elemental Elf" Hybrid Ranger-Priest
Played by Eric
Character Sheet Deomin

Quick description ✦ Deomin is the most genuine person you could ever meet.

Greatest strength ✦ Authenticity

Biggest weakness ✦ Being so straightforward, Deomin is the type of character that could be manipulated by someone who he trusts. Someone who might want to take advantage of his many skills.

Distinguishing feature ✦ Deomin has a unique and expressive smile. He smiles so much these days but in many different situations. Each grin can communicate something from relish, to levity, to a threat.

Why an adventurer? ✦ First for survival, then for lack of ideas, after for curiosity, and now for fulfillment.

Closest family/friends ✦ Deomin loves nature and feels very connected to some creatures. Kaylar, his hippogriff, is a very important friend to him. Other than that he feels strongly connected to his adventuring companions. They are the only people he has every spent time with long term. He feels at ease with them.

Greatest loyalty ✦ The genasi people are held in high regard by Deomin. The elves he feels the impulse to care for but as time passes he feels less connected to them. Deomin has always had an affinity with nature. This has grown stronger since his transformation.

The future ✦ The thought has never crossed his mind. The things he does flow naturally as events present themselves to Deomin. Even after destroying an entire village and killing hundreds the path before him was not a confusing one.

Travel ✦ Deomin loves Akanul. The people and events there engage his senses and feelings differently than other places. He may never return to Narfell. Aside from that Deomin looks for enjoyment wherever we are.

Skills ✦ Deomin began his path to martial prowess during the thirty years he spent as a bounty hunter. During the campaign of the temple of elemental evil Deomin went through a significant physical transformation. Over the last year, adapting and learning to access the powers of his new frame have contributed significantly to Deomin' dangerous side.

Free time ✦ Free time?

Magical desires ✦ Deomin is attracted to weapons. He loves the art and exercise of martial training. It is one of the ways he best knows how to express himself. He recognizes and appreciates beautiful and powerful combat items.

Hanging out ✦ Aloft

Legacy ✦ He would have his memory be one of happiness and freedom...FREEEEEDOM!


Human Ranger
Played by Sam
Character Sheet

Quick description ✦ Practical, cynical, solitary, addicted to combat, seeks a meaningful life

Greatest strength ✦ His ability to percieve details of the world around him and of his current situation often enables him to avoid danger and identify avenues for victory.

Biggest weakness ✦ His fear of relying other people.

Distinguishing feature ✦ When he's been out in the woods by himself for a while it would definitely be his wild hair and beard. After a shave and a haircut it would likely be his blue eyes and the missing tip of his left ring finger.

Why an adventurer? ✦ Once he had been in a few fights, food tasted better, women were prettier, and the sun shined brighter. Combat is what makes the world real. Life can can only be found on the verge of losing it. If Hugh went back to living a normal life his world would fade to shades of grey.

Closest family/friends ✦ His closest friend died long ago and no relationship he has had since has ever gone as deep. He cares for his mother of course, and has a sort of older brother concern for his youngest half-brother who has not yet established himself.

Greatest loyalty ✦ Hugh is loyal to his comrades-in-arms while they are his comrades-in-arms, and he is loyal to his friends.

The future ✦ He plans on living the adventuring life until he is no longer physically capable to do so.

Travel ✦ He thinks that a tour of the planes would be wonderfully amazing.

Skills ✦ Originally he was trained in combat and survival by Tobias, a friend of his deceased father. He picked up his thievery skills while in the city of Wheloon.

Free time ✦ In town: eating good food and carousing. In the wild: hunting game, and enjoying his solitude. He'll occasionally pick up a book about so-and-so's travels to such-and-such place and the neat adventures and sights he saw there.

Magical desires ✦ Primarily items that help him fight, and items that help him stay alive. Other knick-knacks that help do mundane tasks easier are welcome enough, but he sees these more as luxuries of wealthy arcane users.

Hanging out ✦ Hugh likes bordellos and high mountain meadows.

Legacy ✦ Hugh would like to be remembered much like the unknown sculptor of a beautiful piece of art. He doesn't much care if people will recall his name in generations to come, but he hopes that his deeds will live on to make the world a better place.


Gnome Invoker
Played by Lincoln
Character Sheet

Quick description ✦ Trustworthy, loyal to friends, not easily forgiving, underestimated, quick to joke

Greatest strength ✦ Perhaps my greatest strength is to act as a light in the dark places and times of the world. Jokes and light banter can often be stronger weapons than the sharpest swords or quickest arrows.

Biggest weakness ✦ I’m not a great liar… when the time for bluffing and story concoction comes up, I become as transparent as a sheet of glass…

Distinguishing feature ✦ Besides my striking jaw line and chiseled abs? How about the fact that I am a freaking gnome and stand three feet tall!

Why an adventurer? ✦ The quiet life of gnomes never really fancied me. I liked talking to people too much to be contained to my quiet little village. I left to make my way in the big city, but found myself caught up in various adventures along the way. You might say I was inadvertently thrown into adventuring, but I fell in love with it and would be hard pressed to give it up.

Closest family/friends ✦ My dear friend and mentor Magini.

Greatest loyalty ✦ My current group of companions holds a special place in my heart. We have been through much. We have all sacrificed for the sake of the others, but have also gained much as a group. I enjoy them all very much and would venture to the ends of the world with them if need be.

The future ✦ I hope to be adventuring. I may be small in size, but I am quite spry and I think my body can handle many more years of this lifestyle. But I will admit, the farming life in Vernal was very pleasant. Not that I plan to work the fields, but the peace of rural communities is hard to beat. Many traders pass through on their journeys and the taverns are full every night. It strikes a nice balance between the tranquility I enjoy while studying the arcane while simultaneously feeding my need for social contact.

Travel ✦ Don’t ask me why, but the great and ancient dwarven delves in the mountains sound absolutely fascinating to me. I would love to visit them and study their lore (and perhaps hidden treasures)… once you find a massive dwarven diamond, for some reason you just want to find another…

Skills ✦ Interesting story… I got a bunch of them from my mentor Magini, a bunch from studying various texts I acquired and/or borrowed throughout my travels, and my most recent ones when I became, shall we say, an “admirer” of the Compact Infernal…

Free time ✦ I have developed a real taste for the fine art of fishing as of my taking up residence in Vernal. Other than that, I enjoy studying the divine and arcane, as well as chatting with the fun and interesting people I meet.

Magical desires ✦ What magic items do you crave? I have never really put much thought into this, but now that I think of it I could really use some more of Spoonwa’s sleeping potion. That stuff is freaking amazing, and I don’t mean on enemies… I could sleep through a herd of drunken monkeys attacking our camp with that stuff! Also, and I know this probably isn’t the best thing to be thinking at this time, but wearing the Crown of Oghma looks pretty bitchin’ too…

Hanging out ✦ Hands down, I enjoy hanging out in taverns and inns. Hearing news of the surrounding world is a favorite past time of mine. Drunk people are also pretty funny. And good food is, well, good food! Who wouldn’t want to hang out around that!

Legacy ✦ “Aww, Wrenn died? He was a good gnome that accomplished great things. He was a great friend and an even better lover… lonely will be the lands in which he often tread… and he sure did owe me a lot of money…” Just kidding about that money part…