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Postby Ceraph » June 9th, 2014, 1:00 pm

Hello there whoever happens to read this

I am posting here because I have been searching for something that I have not been able to locate. The music from the encounters with Syric and the "Birthday Party" episodes in Neverwinter. Does anyone know what the name of the track is/where I could obtain it? (if I know the first one the second should come quite easily). Other songs fitting for the theme of madness are also appreciated if you feel like suggesting them :-)

Background: I will be doing an in game paragon path story for a friend of mine. The session's theme will be very much about madness (I am currently brainstorming on interesting puzzles, encounters, skill challenges etc that could be used. Feel free to contribute btw. I love coming up with interesting ideas)

Anyway, if anyone has suggestion on where to find that music that would be must appreciated. Syric was one of my favorite moments in the Thursday Knights broadcast so I was rather elated when one of my fellows gave me this... opportunity.
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Re: Music of a mad kind

Postby Kowal » August 4th, 2014, 8:27 am

I actually used that same track in my Dark Sun game that's nearly at completion now (they just hit level 30 last week.)

It's called Lyssa's Dance, from one of the Guild Wars OSTs. Specifically I believe it's from Eye of the North.
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Re: Music of a mad kind

Postby Ceraph » August 17th, 2014, 12:12 am

Oh wow! Thank you so much! I thought no one checked on here XD

I will incorporate that immediately.

That is pretty cool that you are doing a Dark Sun campaign. I have only done Forgotten Realms in the DnD universe so far (that and a homebrew setting a friend of mine made up). I would ask what you have planned for your level 30 group but I wouldn't want them to see that. Spoilers :-p

Again, thanks so much!
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Re: Music of a mad kind

Postby Kowal » August 17th, 2014, 7:52 pm

Oh thankfully they don't follow TK. Saves me some stress, because I've *ahem* borrowed some brilliant ideas from the gang to fill in the blanks where my mind sputters and stalls. In every game there are a few NPCs you don't expect will be a big deal, but somehow become tightly integrated with the plot. Called upon to name these characters in a hurry, I've pulled names from movies, TV, books, and of course the TK podcasts. A few weeks ago I broke their hearts by killing our very own Captain Husk, who unlike Dan's character in the Buying Time episode was a silt sea pirate captain known for incredibly lewd and unsavory behavior. Off the top of my head, I know we also have a Leon Strassam (who betrayed them in the paragon tier fanale, and died in the crashing remnants of a wacky flying arcane castle Death Star type setup) and a Nanee (who was the warlock player's handmaiden and died in the first adventure)

The story totally came off the rails around level 7, and we decided it would be more fun to let it run its crazy course than to rein it in. Specifically, they went on an adventure in Hell and recovered a tome of the Raven Queen from when religion was recognized in Athasian lore. Religion became a focus of sorts during the campaign since then, though almost always just off center from the main plot.

I was going to summarize the whole campaign, but a LOT has happened. Here's some highlights:

They killed a would-be usurper of the throne of Balic who had claimed a horrifying artifact that projected his being in to the Gray as well as the Prime, forcing them to kill him in both places at the same time.
They escaped a collapsing diamond mine.
They entered a bizarre Library-plane through the royal library in Urik.
They traveled to Hell and failed to arouse a succubus.
They recovered a psionic orb that encouraged its wielder to put themselves in to terrible danger.
They defeated the Mind Flayer gestapo hidden under Tyr.
They thwarted the resurrection ritual of King Kalak.
They killed Tectuktitlay of Draj in his own arena, in front of thousands of fans.
They defeated the Dictator Andropinis inside of a flying doomsday device castle, crashing it in to the silt sea.
They found the dwarven smith who created the 9 weapons built to kill sorcerer kings. This smith is evil as are his artifacts, and he's the father of the Druid. They killed him.
They imprisoned and escaped from, and several sessions later killed, Mephistopheles.
They discovered the hidden city of Kalidnay, re-established its magically amnesiac'd sorcerer king, and returned it to Athas.
They cast the become-a-lich ritual on the Druid, who was using his newfound "eternal" life to fuel defiling rituals to create arable soil.
The fighter became a paladin of the Raven Queen, and then defied her when his contract was purchased by Dispater.
They betrayed and murdered Dispater in a massive, worldwide army assault on Hell.
They battled the Raven Queen in her home turf, and fled fearfully causing the death of their favorite pirate captain and the destruction of his flying ship.

The biggest plot point so far has been a Far Realm invasion, which has been building since I read the entry for Allabar in one of the random fiendish books from 3.5. Essentially, the fallen templar who gave them their evidence in Heroic tier and joined up with Andropinis in Paragon tier is still out there, and has headed up a plane-wide cult of Far Realm loonies who are seeking to bring the end of days to not just Athas but all the planes by means of summoning Allabar. Since that time (session 5 or so) they've been experiencing lots of temporal oddities due to cracks in the planes. A huge army they raised had marched on Hell (lots of politics involved that would take too long to explain) wherein they killed Bel and Dispater but were interrupted when their efforts weakened the planes enough that the cracks finally built enough pressure to burst, and coming out from the rupture were the armies of the Far Realm led by Allabar and this fallen templar.

In the aftermath of the Hell assault, they found themselves in a strange world where evil had basically already won. Refugees from Hell, the Abyss, and the Elemental Chaos were strewn about Athas working menial jobs just like the regular beings of that plane, while eternal night plagued the world. Allabar hung in that sky, shedding violet light on the world and driving crazy anybody who looked at it. Basically in agreement they were screwed, they set about setting their final wishes in order, pursuing all their final personal vendettas. The druid set off to Gulg to fight the Oba mano-a-mano, while the warlock and warlord set off to Urik in pursuit of traitorous Hamanu. The fighter, who has masterminded the war on Hell, sat around drinking himself in to a stupor to "celebrate" his "victory", and eventually built up the courage to walk to Balic and dig his own grave. All leads from this point on pointed them at Ur-Draxa, where the remaining sorcerer kings were working on some kind of ritual to rouse the Dragon of Tyr from one of its centuries-long slumbers as a sort of mutually assured destruction. The fighter got this info in a sort of roundabout way that saw him fighting the Raven Queen, with minions on both sides being the ghosts of all the goodies and baddies who'd died during the game.

At Ur-Draxa, they semi-foiled the plot, killing Dregoth and inadvertently killing Hamanu, but the whole scenario fell apart at the seams when the druid performed the Ancestral Knowledge (or whatever it's called) ritual that allows an ancestor to possess your body for a short time in order to gain knowledge of the key word of one of the evil smith's artifacts. The smith, seeing his opportunity to claim what he thought he lost, took over the Dragon and the group is now riding it to Allabar's surface. Well, the possessed druid is riding it. The rest of the gang are hanging on to its skin for dear life.

In this finale, they're going to be fighting the fallen templar who is riding a two-hundred foot tall Beholder while literally every adventuring sort they've met in the past 8 years of game time (and almost 4 years of real time) is leading a charge on the creatures trying to lay claim to Athas. Afterwards we're doing their character epilogues, and then joining forces to figure out what happens to the surviving NPCs after it's all said and done. The goal is to paint the new Athas as a setting we can run the next edition of D&D in, using the exploits of the characters and NPCs as flavor-fuel. I'm extremely excited about it. I also plan to end the game on a semi-cliffhanger. The story as it's being told is actually being recited by Nanee, who had escaped Hell in the collapse and gained new perspective on life. After all the end-game stuff is done, she's going to be persuaded by children listening to the story to tell another one, where she tells the story of a child of Gulg who becomes a merciless warlord, fueled to his acts of depravity by the six fingered mark he received from the warlock in session 4... And then, fin. Fade to black. Breath of relief, but also sadness. I'm guessing Greg felt this way when the original TK storyline came to a close. Running any campaign this long is exhausting, but it's doubly so in 4th ed. That said, the game ending is sort of like when a good friend moves far away and you lose touch with them. The whole thing is very bittersweet.
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Re: Music of a mad kind

Postby Ceraph » August 18th, 2014, 10:45 pm

Wow! Thank you so much for that response! From it I got to learn so much about your story (and realize that I really need don't know anything about the Dark Sun universe hahah).

I can see what you mean about a campaign ending and how bittersweet it can be. Insofar the only campaign I have finished has been a pathfinder one which was interesting since it laid the groundwork for the world for our next campaign (currently in 4th edition. Going to convert it to 5th in the next few weeks)

I have been having some amount of sadness lately regarding DnD campaigns because the prior one is this weekend group I do with some longtime friends but isn't very story focused. It is a group of friends getting together and beating some trolls to bloody regenerating pulps but my Tuesday night group is going on hiatus which is sad. You see, up until recently we had a rotating DM thing going on but then one of our group filled an entire notebook with campaign notes and since then we have been playing his campaign. He is the most natural DM in the group. Sadly, he needs money and his wife is pregnant so that is going on the wayside for awhile. We actually broadcasted on Twitch for a bit (See ) but were thinking of changing to a youtube format for more flexible scheduling.

I hope that we shall get to continue.

In that group I am mostly a player but, as per the original topic, I was going to plan some people's paragon path stories. I do better with short stints than longer campaigns.

I would ask you more questions but I don't want to take up any more of your time. Thanks so much for the response! I love hearing people's stories and experiences in the game
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