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Postby Cailin » October 31st, 2013, 10:30 am

The bed rest is driving her stir-crazy. The Hegian interns responsible for dragging her into the infirmary have since then given her a wide berth. Somewhere in her impact-addled brain Alice respects them for it, but for the most part she just makes several loud complaints regarding their unwillingness to arm-wrestle her. It’s only when she’s counting the ceiling tiles for the fifty-second time that she realizes - It’s not the pirate she hates, or that smug fucking parrot. Oh, she can forgive that bit of “flavor”, as a fighter who appreciates a bit of showmanship herself.

It’s that damn accent.

It’s one thing to be defeated by a pirate, even one with a real live smack-talking parrot - but it’s a whole separate matter to lose to a guy who sounds like he just walked out of the fuckin’ Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Whatever. He may have won, but he didn’t beat her.

It’s one of the many things Alice has in common with Rocky. That and making hoodies look good.

Alice makes a few phantom jabs at the wall, which her compromised depth perception quickly turns into full-fledged punches as she drives her fist into the soft plaster-like material of the infirmary building. Whatever drugs they have her on must be pretty serious business, because she can’t feel a thing, and instead bursts out laughing.

Dr. Braun casts her a withering look from across the room, a look which Alice returns with a sheepish grin as she withdraws her hand - now white and chalky with plaster dust. The Hegian doctor doesn’t seem particularly amused... big surprise there.

By now Alice is pretty sure that one of the prerequisites for med school must be a complete and total lack of a sense of humor… if Alan and Braun are anything to go on. At that thought Alice realizes she hasn’t seen Alan since she ran off with Jack to go spiderin’. It’s weird. Normally he would have shown up by now to wag a finger at her or sigh or do whatever passes for bedside manner with him.

And just like the devil, he appears.

Alan, Johnny and Braun burst into the room carrying the body of one of those spider monkeys Alice pulled off the wall, and he’s lookin’ pretty dead.

“Do you think they can save the legs?” Alice hears the interns’ excited conversation grow louder as they hurry past. “They’ve already deactivated the fail-safe device, if nothing else Dr. Braun will be able to reverse-engineer them for sure!”

Alice’s toes twitch. She looks down at her woefully un-enhanced boring human legs.

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