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Postby Irelander » February 12th, 2014, 6:52 am

Hello everyone and welcome to what will (hopefully) be my own version of fan art.

A little background info as to what I plan on doing and why.
First of why minecraft?
Well for something the scale of, let's dare say thundersrike I fear that my drawing skills wouldn't do it justice. Another benefit of doing this project in minecraft is anyone who owns the game can enjoy/participate in the project.

Second and more importantly what do I plan on building.
Thanks to Greg and the gang there are very few places in the TK world that I couldn't build given the details and my own over active imagination.
Here's the shortlist of what I plan on making in order of simplicity.
The Estate of Brandis. From humble beginnings to having his own endless water supply stream to bathe in I still consider this one of the simpler projects due to the fact it's an estate.
The philosophers temple. Again while totally badass its something I can tackle and quite confidently build.

Other various projects here .

ThunderStrike this is the big one and obviously the hardest thing to recreate. Their may be an airship version made first here I dare tackle the relmship version but it is what I'm building up to.

More information to be added soon as well as formatting.

Any visual aids would be appreciated as well as suggestions as to what to build. I do plan on making an area that features heavily in each players story. That's all for now!
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