a few monsters for the monday game of Unholy_rollers

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Postby Tappanater » August 1st, 2013, 8:32 pm

Bleeders: speed 30 hp20 *covered in blood from open seeping wounds on their body if struck 20% chance to be infected*

Red head: same as normal zombies *have a soak of 4*

Brain Zombie: speed 30 hp10 tends to watch prey for several days and construct traps to ensnare prey. *able to lead most kinds of zombies in hordes or to make them do its bidding*

Queen Zombie: speed 50 hp25 able to spread virus by spores released in a sonic attack when she screams (2d4) (4 square cone) *tends to run away after screaming*

(Colossal when a large number of zombies are killed or are gathered in a small space a colossal forms. It appears as a mostly solid form taking whatever shape it needs most commonly just a large form of melted body’s. Attack most colossal’s form tentacles to more and attack, if hit a person my get stuck by the seeping liquid that is entreated from them if stuck the colossal trys to bring them closer to it and to absorb them. A colossal will attack humans, zombies, animals anything really that moves or can be absorbed. To kill a colossal you must sever its “Heart” a dangling sack of the first zombie that started the reaction and creation of said colossal.) In the colossal there are always at least one “worm” 5ft long and swims threw the spongy material of the colossal. (Worm try’s to grab and bring creature under the floor to let the colossal may consume them)

if you have any more ideas for the undead i would love to hear them this is but a few of my faverets that i have come up with. if you do have ideas please post them below and then tune in Monday at 9am pst for some zombie goodness :)
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