Skylanders Japan pics

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Postby Sanguinesun » July 25th, 2013, 10:51 am

Ok, sorry for the delays, I don't go out shopping much and tend to wait until I have multiple things to do in order to just burn through a day of it all(totally shows Im a guy I guess) so that's why it took so long to actually get out to take pictures of the skylanders stuff. I got these yesterday my time (thinking I was gonna miss the WW session when evidently it got cancelled hehe).

I first tried a place that is like an electronics and toy/games store place called Joshin. Nada. I knew it was at Toys R Us here (as advertised on TV here recently in its debut stuff) but the Joshin was closer(again with the efficiency hehe). So the mrs n I drove out to a mall here on the east side of Nagoya (mall is actually in a small suburb called Miyoshi and the mall is called the Miyoshi Ai Mall) that has a Toys R Us(and saw the newest Miyazaki movie too, which was ma ma(so so) :P).

Summer holidays basically started for kids last week for most schools here(will go until the end of August) so the mall was pretty busy for a 2pm-ish time on a Thursday(was wed night for you cali folks hehe). There weren't really any kids around the displace which was only about 20 yards from the entrance and in direct line of sight of said entrance. That's not to say that folks aren't buying it just coulda been the timing and a big foreigner guy snapping pics with his wife's cellphone to blame too :P.

Its a great interactive display, I must say. In some pics you can see there is a little rock like stand where you can place any of the figures in package on and it loads up a little action sequence showing off the character and in game play. There was a button on the display to start it but you didn't have to push it to get it to play about the package you'd put on there. It would load up automatically.

In one of the pictures you'll see a little typed up paper taped to the display that essentially warned folks that the battery requirements on the outside of the package were incorrect and listed the correct requirements(according to what the mrs translated for me as I couldn't understand enough of what was written). That wasn't something that is good for a debut thing to have but I don't know if that has affected sales or not.

I also took pics of the chirashi(little paper advert with information that is commonly done for featured products in stores here) front and back too.

Anyway, it was pretty cool to see. If I was really a console player I might've tried it out but Im primarily a pc guy hehe.

I hope you'll like the pics.

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Re: Skylanders Japan pics

Postby Sanguinesun » July 25th, 2013, 10:59 am

Here are more pictures (limit is 3 per post evidently hehe) sorry for em being so big but I guess that makes It easier to look at details on the display et al(and my bad thumb from a car door crushing :? ).

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Re: Skylanders Japan pics

Postby Sanguinesun » July 25th, 2013, 11:03 am

And the last couple of pics:

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