June 14th alignment discussion.

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Postby DeathbyDoughnut » June 14th, 2012, 9:58 pm

"magoober: No more talk of wrenns evilness

juvenihilist: yeah, putting a label on anyone is just siily.

Mod magoober: As a mod I just declared it

» At least for 10 minutes

deathbydoughnut: <message deleted>

Mod miahkai: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one, this is the definition of a good act, Wrenn sacrificed himself for thunderstrike and his friends, this is a good act."

Miahkai keeps it going, and when I was pointing out that he was keeping it going, trying to bait me into saying something crude against him. I was banned. This is the second time I have been banned from Miahkai because of a simple discussion and he didn't like my opinion. Personally I feel this is out of line as a moderator and if this keeps up I don't doubt that TK will suffer because of his antics in provoking people during discussions and then banning people because he doesn't agree with what the person says. I respected Lincoln's wishes and dropped the subject about Wrenn completely and Miahkai decided to keep it going until he found sufficient reason to ban me.

All I am saying, as a TK fan, who comes week after week to support the Thursday Knights I don't feel I should be treated so arbitrarily just because some Moderator is childish and throws a fit anytime someone disagrees with him. Again I fear this will prove ultimately detrimental to TK if the fans have to worry about coming to chat week after week, wondering whether or not they will be banned for an opinion that Moderator Miahkai doesn't agree with.

This has been a report of events and personal opinion of one fan. Thank you Greg, Cailin, Lincoln, Sam, Kevin and Dan for putting on an amazing show every week. Happy Gaming.
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Re: June 14th alignment discussion.

Postby Greg » June 14th, 2012, 11:42 pm

Doughnut, I know you feel slighted, but pretty much every online community out there has rules against "public discussion of moderation action" because it never leads anywhere good. I encourage anyone who has an issue with the way chat moderation is working to send me a PM on the forums, or Twitch, or a direct email. But threads like this are akin to airing dirty laundry so please don't resort to them. :(

Keep in mind that mods can't time-out other mods; just because a mod didn't get a TO doesn't mean they wouldn't have. Please trust in Lincoln or I to step in if things get out of hand.

If you'd like to discuss it further I'd be happy to in private! I truly do value you as one of our long-time fans and I want to feel that you can reach out to me when you need.
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