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Postby Jaegrik » October 8th, 2013, 4:46 pm

Just wanted to bring to Greg's attention something I found while perusing the Numenera rulebook today. I know how much you guys enjoy Fate (with good reason, I might add) and I have noticed several parallels in the Numenera system that I think you guys might enjoy. Since you're in the process of hashing out several rules changes I figured it would be an opportune time to bring up the experience system the game uses. Similar to Fate, the GM can offer players two experience points to accept negative consequences (one that the affected player keeps and one that the player gives to another player, who presumably then has to narrate how they assisted in avoiding the problem), or the players can avoid the consequences by having the affected player pay one of their accumulated experience points instead. Given the fact that both Numenera and Star Wars use a currency system for their experience points instead of a threshold system I suspect that the systems may work quite well together and, along with the Dungeon World style of ending experience, may give a bit more significance to Greg's inputs into the narrative. It's something to consider anyway, especially if you guys are at all interested in getting away from the binary nature of 5 base experience for a talky session or 10 for a combat session.

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