The Ultimate Question of WWDD? What Would Deomin Do?

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Postby General_Caveman » November 19th, 2012, 4:55 am

It was interesting to see the reactions of the group about what Deomin would do in the current situation. The group could either

1. Take a part of themselves and/or their energy to contain the cataclysm

2. Infuse themselves into the shards, destroy the this evil in the world and let their fates be unknown

3. Walk away and allow the cataclysm to happen.

Deomin being a very unpredictable throughout the campaign has lead different people to predict different things about what Deomin would do and reasons behind it. People latched onto different aspects of Deomin's personality that they remember and try to extrapolate an answer from that. Eric did answer the phone and stated what Deomin would probably do in that situation however I think it would be interesting for people to post what they think Deomin would do it that situation and the reason behind it.

Personally, I thought that Deomin would choose option 2 but not for the reasons Eric stated. I personally thought that Deomin would have rejected option 1 on the basis of his hatred of containment and being restricted. I remember back to moments the prison city where Deomin said something like he would want everyone free from the city and if they are too dangerous than to just murder them or the time Deomin was stuck having to stay perfectly still for a period of time within reach of Uchehi. I don't see Deomin taking option 1 and allowing a good chunk of himself to be trapped permanently inside the essence of evil for eternity unless it was only between options 1 and 3. With all the options, I think that Deomin would rather risk not-existing and step into the unknown than allowing any significant part of himself to be trapped in evil forever. Option 3 is out because if and when Deomin makes a goal, he keeps to that goal.

The secondary reasoning I had was much like Eric's answer. (This works best if you imagine Eric constantly pointing his finger down and around) "Oh, wait. Is that evil? Well fuck his shit and all the other evil's shit connected to his shit *small pause* Let's do it (optional fist pump).

So what did you or do you see Deomin doing?

(This is my first post but I have been watching the stream since the party fought Lurd all those years ago so I will probably post quite a few more. Also don't think we forgot Eric's promise to be at the conclusion of the campaign in one form or another. We need all the core players there to end this baby right. McLovin can come too.)
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