Episode 117 Discussion (aka the return of Eric)

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Postby Tu'Binh Kimquanan » July 26th, 2012, 7:29 pm

I really enjoyed the return of Eric(Deomin's player) for a one-off session and showing off another facet of the Nation(sic) of Thunderstrike, mainly its major political force. I only wish that it had some BGM to it. Well, we can't win them all. :?

Freak Squad indeed - A Deva Vampire, A Druid who is probably the grossest half-elf in the universe, Two Half-Elves who have no morals(I was surprised Cailin was playing a male character, especially one who was a lecher :D It really cut into her usual role, which is now becoming dark[in both aspects of the word thanks to that dang Shar]), and a flesh-golem who has to wear full plate to keep people from killing him.

My favorite scene was the first one which had the brawl and Temple and Gareth tried to stop it.

Sam: Gareth magicks off all his armor, revealing his horrifying glory. (fails the Intimidate roll.)
Eric: The guards scream "MONSTER!" and attack with pitchforks. (Shades of Frankenstein's monster, anyone? :D :D :D )

Seriously, it's funny to see you guys fail rolls due to your group being so low-level after powering with successes in your normal group because you HAVE to. It's a shame Deomin is gone forever, and from what I heard, Kevin's leaving too? Man, I hope you wrap up the campaign soon as it looks like everyone else will have to retire with all this REAL LIFE intruding. :(

Of course, considering you have to steal the power of several gods to get your characters out of the Dark World and stop Pazuzu's madness, unless you decide to give up and end the campaign with the Abberant Apocalypse, I doubt that'll be happening any time soon. :ugeek:

BTW, I would make several burnt offerings to debased gods just to see you guys do another one-off and follow Cailin's suggestion to all play FEMALE characters. I LOVE FEMALES! MWA HA HA! :twisted:
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