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Postby Kevin? » October 26th, 2014, 7:48 pm

During last session, I started creating this generator to quickly come up with a new planet and species. This is not a replacement for creativity at the table, but I thought it was a good starting point. Also, I thought our listeners could come up with some random planets and races for us to visit in future games!

Directions: Roll randomly on each chart to create a random star system, planet, climate, and alien species. Then put some creative meat on that random skeleton and flesh it out! I can't promise you we'll visit your planet, but I also can't promise we won't visit your planet!!!

Star System (d6)
1 - Yellow star (sun-like)
2 - Hot blue star
3 - Cold red star
4 - Dim white dwarf
5 - System with eccentric orbit (oval, wiggly, etc)*
6 - Binary star system*
* Roll again for star type(s): 1-2 Yellow star, 3-4 Hot blue star, 5-6 Cold red star

Planet (d6)
1 - Terrestrial planet (Earth-like)
2 - Dwarf planet
3 - Gas giant*
4 - Moon**
5 - Asteroid belt*
6 - Artificial planet
* Climate will be an artificial climate
** Roll again to see what the moon orbits: 1 - 3 Gas giant, 4 - 5 Terrestrial planet, 6 Artificial planet.

1 - Tropical, dry (ex: savanna)
2 - Tropical, wet (ex: rainforest)
3 - Arid (ex: desert)
4 - Mediterranean (ex: chaparral)
5 - Polar (ex: arctic)
6 - Continental (ex: New England)
* The climate describes the primary climate of the planet, or the design for an artificial climate. For example, the aliens who live on a gas giant might be most comfortable in an arid climate, so they have built their climate domes to replicate a desert.

Alien Base (d6)
1-3 - Humanoid
4-5 - Animal
6 - Weirdo

Humanoid (d6)
1 - Combined with animal
2 - Combined with plant or other nature
3 - Combined with machine
4 - More of something (ex: arms, hair, tongues)
5 - Less of something (ex: eyes, fingers, height)
6 - Roll twice!

Animal (d6)
1 - Telekinetic or psionic animal
2 - Cyborg animal
3 - Animal with humanoid stature (and hands)
4 - Artificially modified animal
5 - Magic animal!
6 - Roll twice!

Weirdo (d6)
1 - Living element
2 - Robots
3 - Symbiotic or parasitic aliens
4 - Aliens who break laws of time / space / reality
5 - Mindless thrall
6 - Roll twice!

Technology to Magic Ratio (d6)
1 - Advanced technology, primitive magic
2 - Proficient with technology, familiar with magic
3 - Balanced use of technology and magic
4 - Familiar with technology, proficient with magic
5 - Primitive technology, advanced magic
6 - Warring cultures! Roll twice!

1 - Heavily isolated from other alien species.
2 - Other alien species are rare.
3 - Other alien species are restricted to certain sectors.
4 - A few alien species are common and accepted, but others are rare.
5 - Other alien species are common, but have restricted rights.
6 - New alien species are very common and accepted.


Laroki, of Colony Carombus
(dim white dwarf star, asteroid belt, tropical wet climate, humanoid, combine with machine, all tech)

The laroki people, known also as Rocket-Heads, are survivors of a great cataclysm. Their planet was destroyed, though legends of its destruction disagree on the method. War? Asteroid? Or was it some horrendous technology lost now to time? The only survivors were a cult of cyborgs who replaced their heads with computer-powered rockets. They have since colonized an asteroid belt close to their dim, white star. The largest colony, Carombus, is a mass of interconnected asteroids surrounded by an artificial atmosphere. The asteroids are covered in thick jungle. The laroki burst from asteroid to asteroid, trading among the thousands of colonies around the belt. They are a somewhat enigmatic people, speaking a strange dialect through their artificial voices. But it's known that if you want a message to spread quickly, seek out the Rocket-Heads.

M'quim, of Scona
(eccentric orbit, moon orbiting a gas giant, continental climate, animal, telekinetic or psionic, proficient with tech familiar with magic)

Scona is the furthest moon from a huge blue gas giant. The gas giant itself follows a strong elliptical orbit around its sun. Thus, the weather on Scona is very unpredictable: some seasons are unbearably hot, others terribly cold. Sometimes the moon spends half a year in the shadow of its planet, other times it is caught in the sun's full blast for months. The M'quim people look like giant scorpions. However, they boast a strong telekinetic ability that allows them to manipulate objects. They have created technology that amplifies and directs this power. Most M'quim have amplifiers on their tails, through which a telekinetic beam can be directed at anything that needs to be moved. The M'quim live mostly underground, where they control the climate with technology to keep it cool and moist for vast forests of ferns and fungus. They are sought for their advanced tractor beam and climate control technologies. Many ships carry M'quim equipment!

Egar, of Tesam
(binary star system- red and yellow stars, terrestrial planet, polar climate, weirdo, robots, primitive technology advanced magic)

The Egar are a strange people on a strange planet. Tesam is an Earth-sized planet covered in glaciers. Each year, it trades orbits between a warm yellow star and a cold, dying red star. As Tesam orbits its yellow star, the great glaciers melt into flowing rivers and lakes. Mountain tops emerge, and dormant plants grow from the cold soil. Then, for a year, Tesam orbits its cold red star. The new lakes and rivers freeze. Ice covers the mountains. The plants are swallowed up in frost. In the cold years, the Egar huddle in their freshly-carved ice castles, planning the next bout of exploration. They are burly robots, with broad, transparent bodies. Inside each glows a warm core that turns ice to steam. They use the energy of the steam to power their magic, which is focused on travel, construction, and seeking knowledge. They hope to eventually uncover the remains of the civilization that made them. Since the arrival of Species 3, Egar have been recruited as astro-navigators. They have a keen mind for finding hidden places.
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Re: Random Planet Generator

Postby Kevin? » November 2nd, 2014, 6:12 pm

I'll put this here for in-game reference:

FATE to d6 Conversion
+ + = 1
+ - = 2
+ 0 = 3
- - = 4
- 0 = 5
0 0 = 6
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