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Postby Dan » September 23rd, 2010, 12:15 am

That was the 17th largest...
Brandis took a deep breath, feeling a crunch followed by a burning sensation as four ribs snapped back into position.
...the 9th fastest...
He took another breath, feeling a dull, aching pain.
...the 15th toughest...
Another breath brought only a mild stiffness.
...and the 24th ugliest snake I've ever fought.
One more breath and not even the stiffness remained. His ribs were good as new.
Better than new. Four broken ribs, four lessons learned.

He looked around the cave. It had been a tough fight, and after the last enemies had fled, the party needed to recover. His companions were going about it all wrong, though. Some dressed their wounds with bandages, while others used magical means.
They pamper their bodies and slow the healing. A watched cut never scabs, and a clear mind makes the body whole.
The down time allowed Brandis' thoughts to return to his dream from the night before. Since before he could remember, when he closed his eyes to sleep, his dreams were strange.

This time, he found himself in the midst of battle. He saw Hugh, Deomin, Wrenn, and Aurora battling at his side. Feeling the sudden urge to dive our of harm's way, Brandis narrowly avoided a swipe from a massive flaming sword. He looked up to see the towering figure of Imix, Prince of Elemental Fire. He sluggishly went through the motions of the battle as he remembered it. Just as before, Lareth overcame Arath's magical defenses, who rolled the Orb of Silvery Death to Brandis' feet. He again picked it up and slew the Champion of Elemental Evil, casting Imix back to the Plane of Fire.

Time leapt forward. He saw a statue in Hommlet, a tornado, and the Underdark, suddenly finding himself in the makeshift prison of a broken down keep. At his feet was an orc with a crushed throat lying next to a pile of Brandis' gear. He numbly put on his armor and equipment, but just as he was finishing, he noticed there was something in his pack that hadn't been there before. He looked in, and froze at the sight of the Orb of Silvery Death. Hadn't it been locked away? Or destroyed? Had he even handed it over after the battle with Imix? Fate had delivered it to him then as well, for whatever reason, and he did not question fate.

He leaned down and grasped the orb, squeezing it tight as he felt its raw power flow through his arm into his entire body. His limbs shook as every fiber within him screamed with newfound strength. The fog-like feeling of deja vu Brandis had felt throughout the dream was gone, replaced with a vibrant super-awareness of his surroundings. Light became blinding, sounds deafening. He fought as hard as he could, struggling to control the climbing chaos in his own mind. Opening the door, he walked slowly out into the courtyard towards the massive band of orcs. They were quickly becoming aware of the intrusion, but Brandis could no longer see any individual foes in front of him. The ground shook and cracked at his feet with each step, as if the very earth beneath him cowered at his presence. His focus wavered for barely a moment, and control slipped from him. In an effort to keep the bloodlust in check, Brandis remembered the wisdom of Kord. A warrior's greatest battle is always... but the rest of the proverb was drowned out as his terrifying battle cry marked the start of a charge that had the force of a thousand avalanches.

Arora, Deomin, Wrenn, Hugh, and Arath were checking over their gear one last time before they departed. This was the first time they had gathered since the events of Hommlet and the Temple of Elemental Evil, and the mood was just as somber. They knew why they were there. Only the most isolated communities had not heard the bone chilling stories of a nameless, faceless force of destruction rampaging across the continent. From what the party had gathered, messengers and merchants had stopped returning from a region in High Imaskar a few months ago, followed by towns and cities in the neighboring areas soon after. The fall of Skyclave had caught the world's attention, and sparked two mass migrations: civilians away from the erratic wave of ruin, and adventurers towards it. No one had claimed victory, or even a far off sighting. The honored ones of Hommlet traveled in silence, riding towards an enemy they knew nothing of, but they needed to destroy.
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I envy the tales and might of Brandis!
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Re: Brandis' Brandis

Postby Dan » January 26th, 2012, 6:37 pm

Shop worked carefully on the alchemical cure to insomnia, following the scrawled instructions to the letter. The small man never looked up from the table, like an artisan who couldn't be bothered from his work. His responses were mumbled as Brandis paced the new quarters.

"I didn't used have a problem with putting brats in their place - especially when it's so deserving!"
"Certainly not."
"The Mad Monsoon would probably never have had such a reaction in the same situation."
"But Maddock couldn't glance behind him and see ancient history, or look into the infinite of the future! I'll outlive the Quorum, Thunderstrike, Ulgarth, and the memory of all three - knowing I'll see the fullest extent of the consequences means I can't stay neutral. I don't want to look back and say I remember when the Quorum first faltered, and I did nothing.
"Will me distancing myself from the Quorum change Wrenn? No. A Prince of Hell doesn't have to answer to us, and questioning his motives only makes the Quorum look naive." Brandis sighed. "Sometimes I think I was better off smashing in skulls and not caring what the next world would bring."

He stopped and stared off into space for a moment, contemplating the responsibility of immortality. "BAH! I've turned into such a Whurlode!"
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