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PostPosted: September 18th, 2013, 11:57 pm
by Sam
E-MAIL TO: [Alice Crayton][Clint Howard][Carol Johnson][Karat Loran][Jack Pasteris][Becky Pasteris]
FROM: [Alan Grossi]

Wanted to briefly layout options as I see them right now.

Surrender: Turn ourselves in and hope for the best (this option listed for sake of completion)
Run: Find a long term refuge where we can't be followed, even if our location is known.
Expose: Point the spotlight on our pursuer's unsavory activities by informing the media and legal bodies.
Negotiate: Threaten exposure in exchange for end of hostilities.
Fight: Take the fight back to their house and eliminate their ability to pursue.

If anyone see's another option, please share. I'm being vague as I am doubtful of security. I'm sure we'll be discussing our plans in detail soon.