I wish Seldi were real... (NPC discussion)

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Postby Tu'Binh Kimquanan » February 9th, 2013, 8:24 am

Then I could ask her to marry me. ;)

Jokes aside, I think Greg does wonderful voice acting for the minor characters in his GMing. After listening to Episode 129, when the Quorum got back from their final stint into the Dark World, and Arora finally got to see her daughter after so long, who was now a teenager who was studying the arts of combat(due to Klethen worried about her being in danger) and talking about how she had her own estate on Thunderstrike(which makes sense as Thunderstrike Reborn, aka the Realmship, was basically an entirely new WORLD in itself and bigger than Faerun, so it makes sense that the main part of the ship would be a continent which had castles and cities; Stoyla's greatest masterpiece), and Greg's voicing Seldi made her come to life for me as a red-haired ponytailed young woman who was eager to contribute to her mother's quest.

Like Brandis said, Seldi is now bad@$$ and that probably is what made her Dark World counterpart become the matron of the last bastion of humanity, humans would have gone extinct without her badnikness. :twisted:

I put up this thread so that anyone can discuss any of the characters that Greg played during the campaign from the lowliest of guards to people who became brief player characters when guests came to play at the Knight's table(like the druid whose name I forgot, way back in the beginning). Before we get too much enthralled in the next group of characters, let's give one more hurrah to them.

(I apologize if this post doesn't belong in this forum, but I read this forum as a place for character discussion. If the moderators want to move it, then that's fine.)
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Re: I wish Seldi were real... (NPC discussion)

Postby Kevin? » February 10th, 2013, 10:39 am

I have to admit, when I was reading "Moby Dick," I could not get Greg's generic-pirate-captain voice out of my head whenever Captain Ahab spoke. It was... different.
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Re: I wish Seldi were real... (NPC discussion)

Postby ZombieRoboNinja » February 13th, 2013, 6:38 pm

Stoyla was the best NPC in history. Like, if she'd died to give someone an extra healing surge or whatever in the battle against Pazuzu, I'd have been in full support of Greg killing the entire party in a rockslide on the spot. I figure within five years of Pazuzu's defeat she's converted Toril into Eberron.

Frida was great too - I think one of the most touching NPC moments in the campaign was when she kissed Wrenn before (almost) sacrificing herself in the Planar Observatory. Like, here's this person with the intellect and experience of a genius, adult woman, stuck in the body of a preadolescent, and one of her last acts is going to be taking her one chance to seize on the kind of romance (she thinks) her condition will prevent her from ever even understanding... that was incredible, and having a whole second act in epic tier where we got to see her all grown up was even cooler.

A bit of an aside: I always envisioned adult Frida as Summer Glau's character in Dollhouse. (Am I alone in this?) But I never really got a lock on what I thought Stoyla looked like, or much of her past. I think it's a testament to Greg's roleplaying that she managed to be such a fleshed-out character with almost zero focus on her backstory.
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Postby DaranImbraval » February 13th, 2013, 9:42 pm

LOL! I had a dream a couple of months ago in which Seldi was real, and I went to see her. Oddly, she was involved with very miniature sheep farming! Is that strange, or what?
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