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Postby Tu'Binh Kimquanan » July 8th, 2011, 10:41 am

This is the story my patron, Christian Groff (oops, I made the mistake of using his truename, forgive me! :cry: ), of the father of a character who he plans on using in his own world, which is connected to every parallel history of Toril, Krynn, and Oerth, alongside other fouler planes... enjoy it as you will... ;)

(NOTE: This is only remaining as it was something I was planning for a D&D campaign of my own when I was in a group home. I've moved on now so this reality is null and void but I wanted to show this. I might delete it later as it's pointless.)

"Tell me the story of your life again, daddy!"

I shook my head in partial disgust, partial worry that my daughter would end up like I did, and partial annoyance, but there was still enough of a gleam in my old eyes that I couldn't deny her. "Okay, Charisa, but this be the last time. Then it's off to bed with ya, so you can wake up early and help me with the Starmoon Festival."

"Yayso, the Starmoon!" she cried. Being an only child was hard on her, but she had made a few friends here in Picklewick Village, her hometown, that she didn't feel lonely.

I inhaled a puff of my magweed pipe and blew out a ring of smoke, narrowing my fading eyes - they weren't really fading, but I wanted them to after seeing the death of my kinsmen back home, a home I am glad to be gone from despite the good times - and pretending that the disappearing ring was a portal to another realm, another time...

"Back when I was your age, Char, we lived in a place called Faerun, in a land which had been a bustling community back in my grandpa's days... before the Blue Flame engulfed that world. Of course, that be years ago so I didn't know about it 'cept for what my tutor taught me about history. Still, it was a scary thing to know that the city your grandpappy used to grow up in was now 50 feet under water.... hrrr..."

"Ooooh," said Charisa. "Did you grow up well?"

"Aye, my father died at the hands of spellscarred insanity before my second sibling was born, and then my mum fell ill... some say she was spellscarred too, but me and my sibs refused to believe it. Out of desperation for financial measures, we did errands for a coin, but I knew it wouldn't be long before our mother was taken away to the breast of our patron Yondalla unless we got the gold to pay for a remedy. So I had to do the unthinkable... I looked for a job outside of home."

"I found it on an amazing ship, a ship of the skies that flew as swiftly as any vessel on the water. It was called The Yargo, and the captain of that crew of my kinsmen, which attracted me to it, was what the ship was named after. Aye, she was a beautiful lass, and had I been bolder, ye might have never been born." He chuckled softly. "Of course, when I spent my time there on the ship, helping the crew, I learned sadly that she was a bloodlusting pirate and I was treated no better than the others."

"Oh my!" said Charisa in mock shock, but a soft giggle gave her away. "Good thing you didn't, aye?"

"Aye," said her father, smiling gently. "Of course, she had that effect on many of us..." He leaned back in his chair, taking another puff of magweed and continuing as he squinted through the next ring. "That ship was an amazing ship - it had special magical crystals that allowed it create a thick fog that would confound and paralyze any ship in the Sea of Fallen Stars, which was her territory - all ships of the sea who sailed from Cormyr to Skyclave to Airspur shuddered in fear as they entered the fog the Yargo possessed, knowing..." He took a dagger on the table by his chair and held it in two fingers. "That SHE would IMPALE them with her powerful harpoon! Hah!" He stabbed the air and twisted the knife rapidly. "And it would spin and spin and rip the vessel apart like a mighty white shark!"

"Eek!" screeched Charisa in partial fear, partial glee.

"And the crew would go down and throw flaming pitch on the deck and none would survive... Yargo was sinister and I was one of her lackeys."

"Pahro," said a feminine, older voice. A female halfling walked in, hands on her hips. "You're telling THAT story again. You know I don't like it when you spin that tale to her during bedtime. It gives her nightmares. Remember the last time you told it, she woke up in the middle of the night, screaming about that warship you fought long ago, the Thunder--- er, something?" She shook her head. "Charisa, time for bed."

"No no no!" screamed Charisa, clasping her hands together. "Let poppy finish, please mummy! I won't be able to sleep if I don't hear my fave tale again! I wuv wuv wuv it!"

The mother turned to her husband with a cold glare in her eye and he gave a sheepish smile. "Let me finish it, Narae. It doesn't end bad, you knew... I wouldn't have made her with ye, my little honeydove, if it had."

"All right!" sighed Narae, who threw up her hands in exasperation. "But if she wakes up screaming for my mommy, YOU are going to confort her nightmare! By the Trinity..." She rolled her eyes, smiled gently, and nodded to Charisa. "But to bed with ya when you're done with it! It's way past your bed hour, and you need to wake up early..."

"For the Starmoon festival, I know!" huffed Charisa, crossing her arms.

"If you knew, you would be in bed by now... not re-listening to all your father's adventures," Narae rolled her eyes again, more jovially this time, and left the room.

"So..." said Charisa, turning to her father Pahro. "What happened?"

"Ye know," said Pahro, chuckling as he blew another smoke ring from his pipe. "But I'll tell it again... one raid which ended in failure caused old Shill to end up fish fodder. Y'see, she was frustrated by her current loot and wanted a big fish - she was a captain who wanted a white whale to hang on her wall, not petty guppies. So when she spotted an old salty ship called The Laughing Maiden, she lit up and went into a frenzy of orders, working up to the bone. She had heard about old Kaz Dunlin, the greatest man to sail the Sea of Fallen Stars, and he was somewhat of a rival and a challenge for her, considering that his ship was tough enough to take... you know, those Koikings we used to fish in Scraggham which put up a fight and then were caught..."

Charisa nodded, remembering the golden scaly ugly fish in the Scraggham pond that came out of hiberation in the spring.

"Well... that old Koiking transformed into a Grados!"

Charis paled, knowing about how a Koiking divinely touched by an evil priest could transform into a ferocious sea monster called a Grados that would tear apart a strong ship if provoked into anger. "Whoa!"

"Yay... you see, that old ship, the Maiden, was escorting a group of hardened adventurers to the Vilhun Wilds, and they DIDN'T like being raped and boarded! I saw two of them board the Yargo, actually have the nerve to climb up the harpoon chain and detach it! One was a giant man of a warrior who cut down my fellow crew with his fullblade like they were wheat in the harvest, letting out a feral cry that chilled me blood... the other looked like an elf... but he looked... alien, not truly elf. He was nimble and his twin blades flashed like shining steel, killing more of me brethren as he broke into the harpoon room and detached the head, then both of those adventurers leapt out of the harpoon hole, and I saw them hanging onto creatures and screaming as they fell a hundred feet into the cold hard drink. Yargo was forced to retreat when our raiding parties were slain completely. I heard rumors of a dwarf woman, which shocked me - a dwarf on the sea? Impossible, they would rather die in the Underdark than take a sea voyage, dwarves hate the ocean."

"Hmmm..." said Charisa, her hands folded and holding up her chin. "Did you meet them again?"

"That I did," said Pahro. "You see, we took heavy losses from those adventurers, so Yargo had to dock in one of her secret hiding places, but she had something else on her mind and I was assigned to take the glider and sneak onto The Laughing Maiden under cover of night, leading a crew to wait for me as I snuck into Kaz's chambers and knocked him out with a sleeping poison on a thin blade... I was quite the rogue and saboteur in my time..."

"Dear, you are exaggerating that again," scolded Narae from the doorway.

"If ya want to join in and listen to my yarn, woman, you shouldn't be out there!" scolded Pahro. "I'm embellishing the tale for Charisa's sake." He sighed. "Anyways, during the kidnapping, I tried to get on the glider but JUST MY LUCK some of the Maiden's crew spotted me and I had to abandon the vessel when it took damage... Yargo's first mate, Leftdeaf, whipped me good that night for my foolery... I still have the scars..." He made to take off his shirt but paused. "Nay, you're too young for seeing that, maybe another year." He chuckled. "It was my failure of insight which caused Yargo's downfall, for the Maiden hunted us down and then went back and came back..."

"With THEM."

"You mean, those adventurers she had escorted?" Charisa said with baited breath.

"Aye, only they changed a few hands recently and now had a bullman on their side! Before then, I had overheard Shill interrogating Kaz, demanding the harpoon head back and spitting on him, asking him for information on those adventurers... I didn't realize until I heard the glider coming up and landing that Yargo's life was ending... chaos ensued and we tried to hold those adventurers back. I then saw the dwarf female myself - she seemed to glow with a silver light as she bashed at Shill like a dwarf would do with her mighty hammer! At that point, I rushed to the crew quarters to rally troops, but by the time I got there, I was cornered by that dwarf, blood on her hammer.

"Your captain is dead. You may either join us or be tried for your crimes."

"That were her words and they come back to this day - Shill Yargo was no more." Pahro shuddered. "But I agreed to join the new crew - captained by Kaz himself and manned by a couple of genasi brothers and some oddballs - as I did not want to be in jail for all those horrible things that my old captain did." He looked away, as if in a trance.

"Wait, what was the dwarf's name?"

"Huh?" Pahro turned to his daughter. "I don't remember... Aurora, or something like that."

Charisa gasped. "I know that name! That's the name of my dream girl!"

"Dream girl?" asked Pahro, concerned. "You seem to be a bit for that... and usually it's a guy..."

Charisa blushed. "Oh pappy, you monster! I mean I dream about that woman in my sleep from time to time! Aurora... she was the daughter of a deposed princess in some desert kingdom called Uglyarth or something."

Pahro cocked a brow. "You dreamt about this girl? Did she worship Bahamut, the Dragon King?"

"Yes, yes!" said Charisa. She paused. "No, it's a dream... forget it..." She needled him on again. "So, did you fall in love with her?"

"What's this about a dwarf woman?" came her mother's voice through the door. "Tell me."

It was Pahro's turn to blush. "No no, don't get me wrong! She was very inspiring but cold as a dead fish, she was so focused on her quest and her worship. Besides, Char, you wouldn't be here if we had..." He blushed again. "I did meet her once, when I was down, she lifted me up. Whoever was to marry her would be a fine lad indeed, though - and don't tell this to your uncle from the south - I bet she's got her eye on that gnome wizard, Wren. He could light up a woman's heart and many other things for sure, his control of fire magic is..."

"Maybe I should go," said Charisa, getting uncomfy at this love talk.

"I be kidding!" laughed Pahro. "Relax, I won't say anymore." Pahro then proceeded to tell tales of his life on the newly rechristened 'Thunderstrike', how he saw an evil eladrin wizard make those adventurers vanish like melting ice with a magical crown, how the ship escaped and fought off another of the Five Companies, and eventually wound down with the story about how he left the ship abruptly thanks to the portal that brought him to the Zurugu Plains on this world and how he settled down, using the money he had earned as pay and some of the loot he had nicked off the Thunderstrike to make a living in Picklewick Village, a community of halflings which was one of the few communities in this wide savannah, and then met Narae, married her, and Charisa's birth.

By that time, Charisa was sound asleep, murmuring in her dreams. "I wanna be a paladin of Bahamut too... like Aurora..."

Narae came in, smiled at Pahro, and without a word picked up her daughter and took her to bed.

"Maybe ye might be like that Aurora woman, my bumblebee," chuckled Pahro, inhaling one final last ring of smoke, exhaling it, and snuffing his pipe. Had he turned back to the smoke ring, he would have sworn it formed the image of a giant silver dragon before it puffed out.

Five years later, Charisa was visited by Bahamut and told about Arora Whurlode and how, just like Arora, she would be destined for greatness by becoming a fellow paladin of the Dragon King. Charisa left her family and took up residence in the Temple of Bahamut in Scraggham nearby, the biggest community in the Zurugu region, training as a paladin for five years before she met some other young adventurers during the festival of Starmoon and helped them fight off a stone golem being controlled by khaboons - a race of humanoids similar to kobolds but with raccoon features - during the festival and that launched her into a series of adventures which would make her mark on her home world of Mokepon. She is now a Paladin of Bahamut, but she doesn't like to wear armor, none of my patron's PCs do - no offense to Arora, but wearing heavy armor is stifling. :?

This is just a short-story about a random halfling who had worked on the Yargo and was there to witness events from the Yargo's attack on the Laughing Maiden in Episode 11 to Yargo's death and Kaz taking over the ship and renaming it, and witnessing the events of Arath's boarding the ship and zapping the heroes, the crew defeating the Thunderhammer - which is my favorite episode so far, your group really worked well with Eric DM'g and Lincoln RP'ing Heptos(I really enjoyed the whole fact that Wrenn used his skills to take Yargo's fog cloud defense and make a freaking solar cannon! ^_^) and Hugh RP'ing Rocco, who didn't get any RPing until that episode when he came out in pots-and-pans armor and cleaving the guts out of those dwarves and the first mate! Woo!) - and eventually ending up being transported to my campaign world and settling down, doing a 'crow' to his daughter about those adventures, which inspires her to become an adventurer.
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Re: Thursday Knights Fan Fiction

Postby Tu'Binh Kimquanan » January 28th, 2012, 9:37 am

(The above post has since been made useless as I never followed through on that campaign world, though I leave it up as something amusing for the members of the Quorum to read :D ; this is just another story in another reality, an alternate dimension where things with the Quorum are... different. It offers my insight on what went on in Episodes 98 and the beginning of 99 and a possible future of the gnome/demon servant and the corruptive evil of the Crimson Stone Rod... This is no means meant to be canon.)

The seductive female gnome- no, 'gnome' was no longer applicable to her ever since she was forcibly recruited to serve as one of the Eight, many long years ago even though she generally looked similar, same deep red ponytail, same smug smirk, same jovial air, only this time she had deep bronze skin, glowing ruby eyes, and a blue spellscar across her brow that glowed just as banefully - dictated to her magical quill as it added yet another entry to her diary.

"I, Wrenn of the Feywild, do not regret what I have done. Yes, I knew it would cause trouble to tell my friends... can I even dare call them that anymore after what I did?... but I knew that if they didn't learn the truth that they would find out eventually, due to Lucaino and his network. That doppelganger is very notorious for his investigative skills, and would know the truth eventually, and Hewe... well, she's bound to find out due to her special 'vision' she got from the Dark World a couple of jumps ago. There's no pulling the wool over her eyes, and she told me that I had to tell them or she would, and blunt as she is, it would have been far worse!"

Wrenn sighed a bit as the quill paused. She poured herself a nightcap and continued between sips of her demonic liquor.

"Arorus... he took that far better than I had expected. I thought, him being a high and mighty Lord Paladin of Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon God who loathes trickery and betrayal, would have immediately ejected me from the Quorum and tried to destroy me right there! After all, my plan failed to produce the result I had hoped for - he still signed Seldi away to marry that wretched prince with the s**t-eating grin, only now chances are she'll marry somebody far worse, maybe a wife-beater of a cousin of Breven. I guess I was a fool to think my dwarven companion would have put his stupid crown aside for a sec to help me convince Azir that it would be best to fight against a common enemy instead of this... ah, I hate politics with a hateful bane!"

Another sigh and sip of her nightcap and she continued.

"Hasten... she was not very happy, but then it's hard to tell with the undead what they feel. That revenant is able to keep her emotions in check. Still, she is trying to keep us together after the death of Deoma..." Wrenn shook her head. "The fact that we might have to bury our elemental comrade-in-arms and find someone to replace him in the Quorum is very painful indeed. Deoma died before, and it took a mighty quest to save her soul... this time, we might not have the chance since her soul is probably wandering the Dark World forever. We should have made contingency for possible death in there, we were just so stupid and took for granted that we would NOT die." Another sigh.

"I understand Hasten, her words ring true - I DID betray my companions by not letting them in... but if I had, everyone would have stopped me. Maybe they should have..." She fingered the Crimson Stone Rod and shook her head. "I don't think I should have been allowed to hold this, it's an artifact of corruption... I thought that, being damned a million times already, I would be immune to possible future temptation... maybe this rod seduced me to take actions and not tell my friends, not let them stop me..."

"Was it stupid to send Barok to poison Breven? Hell, yeah! Considering how powerful Estagun is, I was lucky they didn't push the investigation further or I would have been found out and then Estagun would have ended negotations and sided with Durapar and..." She shuddered. "Seldi would be dead now. But still, the thought of having that prick marry her in a fortnight and force her to live with him and do his will, then virtually RAPE her to make her pregnant with a child who would inherit the name of Azir... Seldi Azir... If it were me, I would have run out of town and laid low, prophecy be damned!"

Wrenn rolled her eyes upward.

"Hewe was nice about the whole situation, though she scolded me a bit. I guess when you find out your best friend did something that would threaten all we have worked for... I hate that divination! All because the whole stupid 'unite the Shining Lands' bullcrap requires us to bend over and take it in the bunghole by some nasty prince... It should have been better had I simply employed a changling devil to replace Seldi, change her identity, and just have the devil marry the prince in her place instead, but still... uh... I'm sorry, sister. I know you've been through a lot of crap."

"And now Brandis, she's quit the adventuring team and become no more than a henchman to fight with us, the undying one is no longer part of Xeregeth because she hates me. I almost begged her to change her mind, but you know that blockhead! Once she gets something in her mind, she'll keep it until she dies again. I fear she'll jump ship the second we land Thunderstrike and run off, changing her name and identity, and become our foe... all because she hates me. It's reasonable, considering what she learned. She's got a point. I DID use Thunderstrike's rep to hide the fact that I sent the assassin to harm Breven, all due to my hatred towards that asshole Azir and his bully of a son. Arorus should just get her holy head out of her...!"

The quill snapped and fell to the floor, dead of magic.

"F---" growled Wrenn, taking the now non-magical broken feather quill and tossing it in the rubbish bin. "I need to control my temper." She took the Rod and put it on the table, right on top of the diary, finished off her nightcap, and slipped into bed, knowing that she was going to have nightmares about her friends turning against her for a LONG TIME. Some of them forgave her, but some still had lost their trust of her and would remain thus until she atoned.

However, as she told Arorus and the others, she would NEVER come clean to or beg forgiveness for that deed, for she - in her twisted corrupt mind - knew it was what she would have done if she had been a queen of Ulgarth seeking to unite the Shining Lands and having to deal with a contract that would have signed away her own daughter's freedom, happiness and eventually her life.

(Yes, I gender-switched the characters in this side-story; I said before this is fanfic and not canon.)
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Postby lincoln » January 28th, 2012, 10:40 am

Yes! Many of those thoughts and emotions are not too far off the mark! I enjoyed reading that Tu'Binh, thanks.
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Re: Thursday Knights Fan Fiction

Postby Tu'Binh Kimquanan » February 2nd, 2012, 4:58 am

Thank you, Linc. I was a bit worried I'd hash your character apart with this, but I'm glad you like it. I was trying desperately to think about how Wrenn felt after his friends chewed him out for his actions, and he and I have several similarities. I was in his boat after those last episodes. :)
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Re: Thursday Knights Fan Fiction

Postby Tu'Binh Kimquanan » September 4th, 2012, 7:46 pm

Twenty years after the campaign ends...

Where once stood the ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil, a new temple, more evil than that, has arisen. It is the Temple of Abhorrent Evil, and various cultist, most of them gnomes and evil spriggans, chant a name in Infernal to begin the ritual to free their Chained God.

Thief: Well, this is gonna be interesting... *whips out daggers and slips into the shadows to avoid the shadows watching guard*
Barbarian: We begin smash invasion!
Female Halfling Druid: Yes, Tymora states... uhm, Alef, why are you screaming like that?
Alef the Fighter: *stops* Oh... no reason. *sheepish grin and sweatdrop*

(Yep, I have a feeling that this should be Wrenn's fate. He's done such things in Episode 123 I can't even begin to think he is beyond reproach. :evil: )
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Re: Thursday Knights Fan Fiction

Postby Tu'Binh Kimquanan » September 5th, 2012, 4:33 am

I wish to make a comment to Lincoln before he replies to this - I am NOT trying to insult his character or say he's acting badly. In fact, it's the opposite. I am amazed at how he manages to pull off an evil character. The way he pulled off that scheme in Episode 123(spoilers) without anyone realizing that it was his set-up, how he acted upset like everyone, how he consoled Aurora beforehand and Frida afterwards, how he gave everyone a nightcap to put them to sleep, and then uses his god-power to sneak out of the city and say "Hey, bad guy, I have your back, you have mine." This is just AWESOME.

I'm not fond of the evil b(censored)s who stab everyone in the back because then their victims turn against them and the trust is gone. It was only because of Greg and Linc working together that this was possible. To be fair, Greg should have sent the other players out of the room when Wrenn talked to Pazuzu so they would be in the dark, that's a smart DM move, but I guess you can trust the players not to give information to their characters. All in all, props to Linc for running an amazingly character who is pure evil and yet manages to pull off pretending to be good. :D
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Re: Thursday Knights Fan Fiction

Postby lincoln » September 5th, 2012, 9:10 am

*****EPISODE 123 SPOILER*****

Thanks for the post Tu'Binh! It has been really fun and interesting to see the reactions of people to the end of Episode 123. I mean, damn, people have been wicked pissed at Wrenn! I can't say I blame them (he did kill a party member afterall), but the reactions are so different from a lot of the other feedback I get. I have never played an evil character before (not even in video games), so it has been fun to play around with how to be a devious little bastard without seting off too many alarms. I gauge how well I'm doing it by the reactions of the group and fans. I guess the end of Episode 123 went pretty well considering the outpouring of emotions form both fans and players. It's weird, but it makes me grin ear to ear when I hear/read posts like "Lincoln, that was awesome, but f*** you Wrenn!" I was joking around with Cailin about the fact that it must be what actors feel like when they receive accolades for playing villains (eg Kevin Spacey in Usual Suspects). Also, I have to give credit where credit is due... Greg as Pazuzu and Kevin as Pinter both played the scene magnificently. There is no way I could have done something that cool on my own; it was a team effort in a big way.

Anyway, thanks for the post. I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the campaign!
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Re: Thursday Knights Fan Fiction

Postby Tu'Binh Kimquanan » February 15th, 2013, 9:54 pm

(I know I shouldn't bother posting here anymore but I had to put this in as sort of a 'bonus lore' tale talking about the aftermath of the campaign, involving two characters I had in mind to create in case I got the chance to actually get a campaign going later on with my housemates...)

The winds blew softly through the trees of the Moondale. Near the crumbling ruins of Myth Drannor, two figures watched as some of the Knights of Myth Drannor, aided by strange elves which called themselves the Vashtari, worked on purging the ruins so they could be rebuilt. Both were females. One was a halfling, another a drow.

"So, Eshtari," said the halfling, cocking a brow as she leaned on her staff. "You decided to join the Harpers after leaving your home in the Underdark?"

"Yes," said the drow, brushing her silver hair back and sighing. "I don't miss serving the Spider Queen, but after she was fatally wounded in her home due to the events years ago in the Abyss and discovering that she was serving that Pazuzu character, I decided to cop out. I didn't want my people to sacrifice me to some demon lord alien god!" She stretched. "Since then, I've found solace in worshipping a more benevolent god."

"You mean that dragon?" asked the halfling.

"Don't mock Bahamut!" said Eshtari. "After all, your name was..."

"DON'T REMIND ME OF MY NAMESAKE!" groaned the halfling girl, holding her forehead and grimacing. "I never ASKED to be named ARORA!!!!"

"You should be honored," said the drow, taking her longsword and wiping it clean. "After all..."

"I know, she became the Queen of the Shining Lands and united them under one flag, blah de blah," said Arora, rolling her eyes. "I don't want to be associated with a dwarf monarch."

"Would you rather have been named Seldi?" teased the drow.

"Queen Arora is gone, she doesn't exist anymore after she went down into the Abyss a long time ago," said the halfling, picking up her staff and twirling it around. "Heard she died in the Pit."

"Maybe, but many heroes have sacrificed themselves for the greater good," said Eshtari, a smirk forming on her face.

"That's called martyrdom, and you can have it," snorted Arora, sheathing her staff behind her back. "I prefer to live to the fullest. Carpe diem and all that."

Eshtari giggled. "Let me tell you a secret, I was named after my great grandmother, who was the most evil seductress amongst my people. She used her body to get into the richest clans and assassinate their leaders to gain power. In the end, it doesn't matter who you're named after as long as you are you." She shielded her eyes as she looked over the horizon. "Well, it looks like they're done with the hard work, time for us to get down there and..." She winked at Arora.

The halfling giggled. "Now we're talking!" She followed the drow priestess down the hill, eager to loot and plunder in the name of great treasure...

(Maybe a halfling who had worked on Thunderstrike retired, married and had a child and named the kid after one of the Quorum to honor them. Arora was my favorite character and her ultimate fate was amazing. Also, I wanted to show off a character who was affected by the events in the Abyss, since Lloth, Spider Queen of the Drow, lives in one of the layers of the Abyss, or so I think. Clarify?)
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Re: Thursday Knights Fan Fiction

Postby Cailin » February 17th, 2013, 9:17 pm

Tu'Binh Kimquanan wrote:(I know I shouldn't bother posting here anymore but I had to put this in as sort of a 'bonus lore' tale talking about the aftermath of the campaign, involving two characters I had in mind to create in case I got the chance to actually get a campaign going later on with my housemates...)


(Maybe a halfling who had worked on Thunderstrike retired, married and had a child and named the kid after one of the Quorum to honor them. Arora was my favorite character and her ultimate fate was amazing. Also, I wanted to show off a character who was affected by the events in the Abyss, since Lloth, Spider Queen of the Drow, lives in one of the layers of the Abyss, or so I think. Clarify?)

Man, that totally made my day. It's an absolute honor to have our story be the inspiration for your fic/campagin elements, so if you ever feel like posting more please do! I like the idea of 'looking into the future' and have several short stories kicking around in my head but... In some ways I prefer to see what you all come up with. It's always more exciting that way! Cheers!
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